Joshua's First Christmas (my missing angel baby)
By Rachel Mayes Bass, Dec 2008 
This year for my family
Christmas would be the best,
We'd decorate our Christmas tree
And think how much we're blessed.
It was to be your first of many
Since your springtime birth,
Now baby's gifts and there won't be any
As you're not here on earth.
We think about you every day
I guess we always will,
Though we don't always like to say
How much we miss you still.
Christmas, like any special time
Sharpens our grief and pain,
But you're still here in this heart of mine
And there you shall remain.
Until the day we're back together
I'll always feel this space,
Along with yearning, love forever
And the memory of your face.
Only you and God know just how much
Joshua, darling, I love you,
My baby boy who never felt my touch:
Happy First Christmas to you.

All my love, as always,
from Mummy xxxxxxxx