Team William

Team Captain: Elana Brunner

Our story:  We were scheduled to be induced on April 25, 2021.  We checked in and were excited to learn what was to come.  The nurses started the process by using the ultrasound doppler to check the heartbeat.  Our little boy didn't have a heart beat.  We were absolutely crushed.  I was induced and went through the birthing process.  Our son was born stillborn on April 26, 2021.  William Dale was born into Heaven.  He is forever our Angel.

Infants Remembered in Silence is an amazing resource for families and we are so very thankful for their big hearts, dedication and hard work that they do everyday to help people like us.  

Please join us at the Turkey Trot to honor all the babies and families to remember these beautiful souls.

We love you William!  We hold you to close to our hearts and we will love you forever.



Team Members:

Elana Brunner
Matthew Brunner
Kari Roth
Heather Kerr
Troy Roth
Kaia Delf
Max Delf
Jonathon Delf
Angela Delf
Jenna McCarthy
Dylan Craig
Emily McCarthy
Michelle Kreisler
Devon Kreisler
Angela Mills
Greg Mills
Joseph Mills
Isaac Mills
Lindsay Danks
Dale Danks
Devon Danks
Easton Danks
Cheri Brunner
Jim Brunner
Sarah Skillestad
Lee Skillestad
Henry Skillestad
Avery Tupa
Doreen Brunner
Amanda Tuthill
Amy Brunner
Andy Brunner
Ayden Brunner
Austyn Brunner
Jason Starkson
Amber Starkson
Naela Starkson
Hayden Starkson
Hendrix Starkson
Nick Beck
MacKenzie Ramsey
Rebecca Ramsey
Kamdyn Ramsey
Rebekah Wojahn
Michael Wojahn
Kristi Krause
Kristi Krause
Molly Bice
Jake Bice
Payton Bice


Total Raised: $2,678.00
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