Team Ava

Team Captain: Molly Liverseed
Ava Noelle Liverseed caught the world by storm when arriving at 24 weeks gestation in an otherwise normal/worry-free pregnancy, and shattered our hearts when she unexpectedly was diagnosed with a severe grade four intraventricular hemorrhage covering the entire right side of her brain as well as part of her left. We were faced with a decision no parent ever wants to face, and decided to take her off the machines the next day so she wouldn't have to live a short life full of immense pain just so we could have more time with her. A life so brief, a child so small, you had the power to touch us all. Ava Noelle Liverseed April 13, 2012 - April 17, 2012

Team Members:

Molly Liverseed
Aaron Liverseed
Lorelei Liverseed
Denise Briggs
Eydie Hauer
Greg Hauer
Katie Gromelski
Nicholas Gromelski
Owen Gromelski
Emma Gromelski
Jon McGurran
Sarah McGurran
Ken Hauer
Maggie Hauer
Tony Hauer


Total Raised: $604.00
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