Team Chase & Finley

Team Captain: Melanie LaCanne

It's hard to believe you would be 16 years old in March!

It seems like only yesterday your Dad and I were patiently, anxiously awaiting our first ultrasound following our IVF/positive HCG quantitative level. (I remember the first blood draw and our lab friend, Linda, called and said "how's 432"!?!) I knew we were  having twins!! I could  just "feel" it!
Move ahead to almost 21 weeks gestation, things were going so good! ... And then I got sick. I knew something was wrong, my water had been leaking for a week, I was reassured "I was just fine" at the OB. A week later I remember being at work (Labor & Delivery RN) not feeling right, my wonderful friends/coworkers checking me out, the ambulance ride to Abbott, my nurse friends/coworkers (Nancy riding with me in the ambulance) taking the trip to support and advocate for us. I remember the fever (106.7), chills so bad I couldn't stand, getting "iced", moved to ICU and later delivering the two most beautiful, tiny babies. A girl and a boy.

They were perfect, beautiful. We wanted them to fight but we knew they were just too little. IRIS was there for us (Amy & Diana "parted the sea"!), for them, even for the staff. It's not often you keep your babies with you not wanting to let go, to have them baptized, bathed, to hold them and weep. I am forever grateful and have so many memories, beautiful memories of you both.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you Chase & Finley.

We love you so much, until we meet again my precious angels... I know Nana Nelli, Big Papa, Grandma Jeanette, and Grandma & Grandpa Van Dam are keeping you safe. 


We Love You & We Trot For You!!

Team Members:

Melanie LaCanne
Nick LaCanne
Darby LaCanne
Malia LaCanne
Baron LaCanne
Corbin LaCanne
Crosby LaCanne
Kim VanDam


Total Raised: $309.00
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