“A Parent’s Love Never Dies”…… is a special project, it's also a committee, and it's a feeling that every parent who has ever lost a child knows.

Infants Remembered in Silence, Inc. (IRIS), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, whose empathetic work is to reach out to those who have lost a baby/child. The project is a life sized bronze sculpture of an angel weeping over an empty cradle; it is a powerful image and a touching memorial for any children that have been lost.  It is our plan to place this breathtaking statue “I Knew You in the Womb” by Canadian sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz, in front of the IRIS house in Faribault, MN.

Every child's life has infinite value, and whether they are miscarried, stillborn, die in the womb, die soon or long after birth, they are forever loved and remembered. Our hope is to create a place, a memorial, where all parents can go to reflect, to remember, to find comfort and healing. This powerful, timeless monument to our forever children will be available at anytime, 24-hours a day.

This bronze statue, pictured above, is life size.  It is approximately 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 6 feet long. The Angel and empty cradle weigh approximately 700 pounds. The cost is great, but the value to grieving loved ones is priceless.  Having a place to go in peaceful contemplation, a place to leave a note or flower for a lost child is beyond any price. Please share this request with anyone you know that would feel its importance and may wish to contribute to the worthy project.  We hope to raise $100,000 this winter to complete the project.

To make your tax deductable donation, make your check payable to:  “IRIS Statue” and send to 218 Third Avenue NW, Faribault, MN 55021. If you prefer you can use a credit card to make your donation online simply click on the "Donate" button on the right side of the page or visit our Gofundme Page - “A Parent’s Love Never Dies”. Be sure to let us know who the donation is in memory of. You are also welcome to call the IRIS Office at (507) 334-4748 to make a Credit Card donation or if you have additional questions. Your donation of any size is needed and very much appreciated. 

As an additional fundraiser IRIS is selling a solid resin-stone cast that is coated in a realistic bronze finish and is mounted on a solid matt black base. Timothy personally sculpts every original small masterpiece complete with his signature or monogram. Each replica is detailed by hand to the exacting standards of this modern day master sculptor. Each miniature replica is 7.75" H x 4.5" W X 8" D, weighs approx 5 pounds 8oz and can be personalized with your child's name, date, etc. For more information or to order the miniature sculpture stop into the IRIS office or scroll down on the IRIS Home page to order online.

Please join us in making a donation to this special project in honor of your child.

With many thanks

Diana Kelley - IRIS Founder and Executive Director

Lori Mickelson - IRIS Administrative Assistant

IRIS Board of Directors