Mothers Day Brunch - 6th Annual


Mother’s Day is a day that we come together to celebrate all mothers around the world. It’s a day that is designed to bring joy, love, recognition, and appreciation. For a women who has had a child die it’s a day full of struggles, disappointment, and pain.

For 6 years IRIS has joined with others around the world in honoring bereaved mothers with a beautiful brunch. This year things are very different. It is with a heavy heart that we announce that due to the Coronavirus (Covid19), the 6th Annual IRIS Mothers Day Brunch as been canceled. This should Not stop you from celebrating such a wonderful day. We at IRIS encourage you to still join other Bereaved Mothers around the world in remembering and honoring all Bereaved Mothers on Sunday May 3rd – International Bereaved Mothers Day. This year we ask that you visit a cemetery in your area and clean the grave(s) of a child/children who need some attention. Many parents no longer live where their child is buried, are unable to visit the cemetery, or have joined their child in eternal rest. Some of these graves will have dirt covering the marker, have moss growing on the marker, or just simply need to be weeded. Take a few minutes to help other grieving Mothers who need you. Please visit the Infants Remembered In Silence (IRIS) FB page for more details and suggestions from others on how they plan to spend this special day and to share your pictures.