Have you done a kind deed in memory of your child? Has someone else honored your child with such a deed? If so, please share your story with us. We will try to include your story in this section of the IRIS website and will add your kind deed to the list below.

Wonderful Acts of Kindness:
Volunteering for IRIS and other infant loss organizations

Passing by the "good" parking spot leaving it for the next car during peek shopping time

Buying lunch for the person in back of you at the drive through of a restaurant

Paid for a soldiers meal at a restaurant and left a note that said "Thank You"

Carrying an elderly women's bags to the car

Helping a friend from work get to the doctor and being there when the diagnosis come back as cancer

Being Santa Clause for a local elementary students

Donating hair to locks of love

Sitting/visiting with the elderly

Visited the nursing home with my dog/cat/horse

Helping a fellow teacher during her breaks from school

Opening countless doors for strangers

Provided childbirth classes for mothers who couldn't afford them

Making an effort to say hello to every person met on the street or in the store

Made cookies and giving them to those who don't do any baking

Typing recipes for a lady who wanted to make a keepsake cookbook for her grandchildren

Making something for a friend when buying something would have been simpler

Transporting a friend's children all week long

Volunteered at a homeless pet programs

Volunteered at a hospital

Racked leaves for someone who needed the help/neighbor/friend/older person

Shoveled snow for someone who needed the help/neighbor/friend/older person

Mowed the grass for someone who needed the help/neighbor/friend/older person/widow

Left flowers at a child grave

Planted and took care flowers at a childs grave whose parents have moved out of town

Sent a card to the parents of newly bereaved parents so they would know they were not alone

Gave flowers to nurses, family, support group members, and friends, on my child's heavenly birthday

Said a pray for someone else

Took a meal to a sick friend and his family

Light a candle in memory of a baby whose family lives in Africa and e-mailed her a picture of it

Donated books to what would have been my child's school on special days

So what kind things have you done in memory of your child? Let us know so we can add it to the list.