Going Away
By Colleen Amber Gieseke 
Makaila Linnea Ryan 
It seems so short, the life you lived
when a baby like you had so much to give
Like the times you laughed or at others cried.
It's hard to believe you have really died

The Crossroads would always calm your tears
and even in your deepest fears.
Even though you're gone I still hear
the sounds of your coos and giggles oh so clear.

Here we are left behind
with so many unanswered questions to find.
But one thing I do understand is that you're in a better place,
yet, in my heart I'll always want you here with us.

In all your pink outfits,
you looked like a perfect rose.
That's why it is so definitely true
that your life was a blessing, too.

Now, I remember so clearly the day
in which my arms you lay
so lifeless, yet so precious
I couldn't believe you were really going away.