Hidden Wings
Sweet baby boy, we know you have gone to a far better place.
We know that Jesus welcomed you, and gently kissed your face.

Now those who held you here on earth must try to understand
Why they had to let you go to take Jesus' hand.

With a heavy heart, those left on earth bow their heads and pray.
If only we could hear you speak, I think we would hear you say...

I love you all so very much, just as you love me.
I see you crying-don't be sad-
I'm here on Jesus' knee

He told me I can wait with him until you join us here.
Now I can watch you from above, and let you know I'm near.

Maybe you've been wondering just what I do up here.
Close your eyes and listen: I'll whisper in your ear.

In Heaven, all is soft and warm, The air smells oh, so sweet.
The angels make me giggle, when their wings tickle my feet!

Then I smile, the angels sigh, and gently kiss my cheek.
Happy children use fluffy clouds for games of hide and seek.

Upon a cloud I lay my head, It's soft as it can be.
Those who welcomed me here above, wrap a blanket of love around me.

The twinkling stars dance all around, and smile as I close my eyes.
For I know we'll be together soon, and then you'll realize.

That life on earth is a blink of an eye, in the big scheme of things.
And I've always been an angel,
(While on earth I hid my wings!!)