Sleepless In Faribo
Mommy & Daddy 
In Loving Memory of Our Precious Son, Mommy and Daddy 
The days have been long and tiring,
Our arms are empty and our hearts are aching.
The nights are even longer.
We pray to God to make us stronger.

In spring we learned we'd soon hear baby sounds.
The year was filled with some ups and some downs.
With early complications of the child we were expecting,
In June brought three weeks of no work and bed resting.

Revived again with cervical stitches by Moore,
Then off to Boston a happy family of four.
State Fair a scare, but all for naught,
Take-it-easy the lesson was firmly taught.

A fall weekend at Vermillion with friends,
Soon had us thinking our luck would not end.
No work and more rest were doctors recommendations.
Thirty weeks and yet no more complications.

The pendulum swung back with the membrane rupture.
Our concern now, the babes lungs would not yet be mature.
The drug, Betamethazone, could work its magic spell.
With a contraction-free 48 hours, only time could tell.

Dads chores seemed trivial and well worth the task.
Bed rest was hard, but time did pass.
A name was needed, Joseph Thomas to please,
If a girl arrived, it would be Margaret Louise.

Our home was not ready, with crib still packed,
Some time in the nursery would give Dad time to get tracked.
Five days passed... no sign of labor or infection,
Everyone was optimistic and pleased with the situation.

Saturday arrived, a beautiful October day.
Dad went on a hunt, pheasant the prey.
Brother Scott, the messenger soon to be summoned,
With unbelievable news too horrifying to imagine.

Something happened, we weren't quite sure,
But it's tragic, deaths pain was the lure.
Bewildered and shocked, what does one do next,
There are no instructions you learn in a text.

The down could be no deeper, the worst had happened.
Our joys of a baby were over, our hearts were saddened.
The birth was still, Joseph Thomas was quiet,
He'd left us so suddenly, Our Maker he met.

Our future plans vanished, it made us all cry.
We held him so tightly and asked ourselves, Why?
Sister Maria holding her brother for a short while,
Said, 'God needs more babies in Heaven' with her sweet little smile.

Now we search for more answers and cry out loud,
A son, a brother, we would have been so proud.
O Lord, hear our prayers, we hurt deep inside,
We need you now with us, please abide.

The nights are so dark, the hurt is so deep,
Dear Lord send your Spirit to help us all sleep.
An angel you are now, and so you must go,
Joseph Thomas we all miss you... Sleepless in Faribo.