A Beautiful Little Girl
A Loving Grandma (c) 2014 
In Honor Of The Beautiful Little Girl We Never Got To Meet 
Here is my poem in honor of the beautiful little girl we never got to meet:

An angel in the book of life wrote down your daughter’s birth
then whispered as she closed the book “Too beautiful for earth”.
This little child He shall keep no matter what the cost.
She will help Him welcome souls of other babies lost.
I know her family wants her there, but God has a bigger plan.
This precious child He will hold safely in His hands.

God loves His tiny miracles, each and every one,
but when He saw her little face – He knew what must be done.
He said, “This one I need to keep, she has a job to do
and when you pass and come home to me, she’ll be waiting here for you.”

“I’m going to miss my mommy”, He heard her little voice say
and then He made a promise to her that she could visit you each day.
She said, “I’ll touch her hair and kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear
Mommy don’t be sad today, I’m still your baby and I’m here.
I didn’t get to hear your laugh, you never heard my cry.
You didn’t get to say hello and I never said goodbye.
But that doesn’t mean I’m not with you, we’ll never be apart
Because you carried me those few months right below your heart.
And even though we’re not together to laugh and dance and play,
I know in your heart is where you’ll keep me – forever where I’ll stay.
I may not have taken my first breath; you never saw my eyes,
but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t real because angels never die.
So one day when the pains not so strong and you’re in a different place
Know the gentle breeze you felt was your angel’s kiss upon your face.
I love you mommy and always will – forever has no end
And I will wait right here for you until we meet again.”

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My step-daughter went into premature labor at six months and when she arrived at the hospital, they could not find my granddaughter’s heartbeat. The loss was devastating to me because I couldn't just fix the situation.

I don’t write poetry often, but in times like these, I feel writing is my best outlet for the pain. I came across several websites and in reading different poems and stories, the words just came to me. The first lines are from something I read – not sure if it was on your website, but when I read the words I knew that, if my step-daughter was in agreement with it, that’s what my granddaughter’s headstone should say.