The Shortest Time
Liam Murphy 
To our child who died at 6 gestational weeks 
I wish I could have held you or got to hold your hand.
To hear your voice, your laugh your cry, or get to watch you stand.
But alas the Angels thought you too beautiful for this world.
And took you home to Heaven, my little baby girl.

But I know that you are with me, I feel your presence each day.
Since I found that white feather while out the Lake shore way.
Or the day I climbed the mountain, to try and talk to God.
I felt you there beside me with every step I trod.

For though we only had you for the very shortest time,
Your Mom and I will miss you and will in the end be fine.
You are my little Angel, so watch over us and the boys!
As we go on, broken hearted, and try to get on with life.
© January 2015