My Dearest Xander and Zachary
Mommy ~ Kimberly Morelli 
My sweet little Xander 6.25.14 and Zachary 1.30.15 
My tears for you fall like rain;
It helps ease a little of my pain.

My heart aches without you near;
My only wish was to have you here.

In my heart you'll always be;
Because you are my little babies.

I love you more than you'll ever know;
Through my pain is how it shows.

I smile and seem like all is okay;
But my heart broke when God took you away.

In my dreams, I hope to see you soon;
I love you more than the stars, and the moon.

I lay awake at night wondering how you are;
Only wishing heaven wasn't so far.

I blow you kisses every night;
Hoping they find you through the moonlight.

Sleep tight my angels in heaven above;
Just know I miss you and I'm sending my love.

Written March 8, 2015
© copyright 3/8/2015