I'm Sorry
(c) Joy duPlessis 6/10/2015 
In loving memory of Donald duPlessis  
I’m sorry that I couldn’t carry you full term
That my body fell ill
And made you sick
Maybe if you had another mommy
You would have been ok
I’m sorry that I didn’t hold you enough
That I was too scared
You were so small and fragile
I’m sorry that I didn’t cry in front of you
I didn’t want you to feel guilty for leaving me
I wanted to be strong for you
I’m sorry that I didn’t begged you to stay
But rather said it was ok
The angels is waiting for you
That heaven is a better place to be
I’m sorry that I didn’t demand God
To reach out and touch you
To give you back to me
I wish I did
I’m sorry we only had 78 hours
To be with you to hold you to love you
I should have asked God for more.
I’m sorry that I didn’t cry when you died
Instead I felt relieved that your pain where gone
That you were safe
And never have to cry again
How I long to hear you on more time
I’m sorry that I didn’t call for your daddy
When you took your last breath
I wanted to spare him those tears
His hart didn’t want to understand
I’m sorry that I can’t be with you
Heaven is just too far
I’m sorry that you will never
Feel the grass under your feet
Or play in the mud
Be the beautiful little boy
You were meant to be
Donald duPlessis
12/02/2015 – 15/02/2015
(78 Hours)