My Daddy's Grief
JP Vinson 
In Loving Memory of my Angel Boy, Matthew Hunter Vinson, written and (c) by JP Vinson on February 7, 2013 

If you ask my Dad how he feels?
He’ll probably be as quiet as the midnight air
Because of this horrible pain he tries to bare
And If you ask him and he just quietly sighs
Look harder, you’ll see the pain in his eyes
Even if he does happen to tell you he’s coping
Then that just surely means…….He is hoping?
If he happens to mutter out, I’m surviving today
Oh then trust me, you know he is really not Ok
He has been so very quiet since that awful day
It’s just so hard for him to find the words to say
He really thinks he has to be stronger than steel
But he is just very fragile, suffering this ordeal
He feels like he has to hide away all those tears
Just suck it all in, and show no one of his fears
I’m his child in heaven, and he’s hurting oh so bad
He gets up and goes every day, even though he’s sad
He watches my mommy cry and holds her oh so tight
He always tears up, but holds back with all of his might
If you ask, how are you today, and he says oh I’m just fine
He’s really not; he needs a hug, that’s definitely a sure sign
His heart is burdened with such terrible doubts often everyday
Please let him know, he didn’t let me down or fail in any way
I know he loves me very much and he thinks of me each day
But his poor heart is so broken, so please help him find a way
To find peace, comfort and a voice to shed his grief and pain
For without it, he cannot start to heal and lighten grief’s stain
Also tell him its ok to lose it, break down and shed those tears
Cause it takes more strength to cry, then to hold back the fears
I love you daddy, I’m always here with you, we’re never far apart
So for me, could you begin to heal and open back up your heart.