I'll Be Watching Over You
By Diane Bair Gilmore 
You'll never see my fingerprints on the bookcase in the hall.
You'll never see my autograph with crayons on the wall.

You'll never hear my small voice whisper,
Mom and Dad, I love you so.
Heavenly Father is calling me home, so quickly I must go.

But I will leave a fingerprint in the center of your heart
So you will always remember me, I am so sorry we have to part.

I'll autograph a picture that will always be in your mind.
Our Heavenly Father sends his love and assures you all is fine.

But you see, he needed me as part of his eternal plan, and I will
lead the way for our family into the promised land.

My voice you will hear all around when each new day begins, in the
cooing of a snow white dove or the blowing of the wind.

Thank You for the chance I had to come to earth awhile
and when you think of me, be sure to wear a smile.

I was not meant to stay, I have work I need to do....
For now I am an angel and I'll be watching over you.