Jo Ann Taylor 
In memory of my only precious girl, Melody Joy, who in a moment . . . went from this life to eternal life on June 23, 1963 
Moments . . . when I feel you nestled against my breast and your big brown eyes take in every feature of my face.

Moments . . . when you turned over for the first time, and that moment . . . when you sat up by yourself.

Moments . . . when you were so proud because you took those first steps and got those first teeth.

Moments . . . when you said "da-da" and your daddy burst the button on his shirt!

Moments . . . when I longed for you to stay little forever.

Moments . . . when I dressed you in your frilly dresses and watched you spin around like a model.

Moments . . . when I wanted time to stand still so I could capture it forever.

The moment . . . when you started kindergarten and I cried as I dropped you off.
It seems as if at that moment . . . you suddenly went from my baby to being my big girl.

Moments . . . when suddenly kindergarten jumped to high school and you and I were picking out your prom dress.

Moments . . . when your daddy's eyes filled with tears when he saw his "little" girl going out with a "BOY!"

Moments . . . when you brought "the boy" and introduced him to us and we saw that "look" in your eyes.

And there was the hardest of all moments . . . when your father didn't know if he'd be able to walk you down the aisle - his legs were shaking and the tears were falling.

Moments. . . when you stood at the altar, so beautiful in your white gown and slippers.

There was the moment . . . When you called and said "Mom, guess what I'm pregnant!"

At that moment . . . I realized that I'm going to be "Nana!"

But the worst moments . . . are knowing that none of these moments . . . will ever happen because of "THE MOMENT . . ." when you "flew" from my body, but never my heart, and arrived in heaven before I had a chance to experience any of these "moments . . ."

But, my little angel girl, there are seldom moments . . . when you're not in my thoughts and my dreams. How I miss you.

I long for the moment . . . when I'm reunited with you.