Dear Daddy
Vickie Zitney 
Dear Daddy, my Daddy, I miss you so much, 
Though I’m far from you, know love will keep us in touch. 

You and I spent a few precious moments, yes we did, 
Our eyes did not meet, but our hearts did instead. 

You held me, you rocked me, you cuddled me gently, 
I reached up and tugged at your heart so intensely. 

I love you so much, I love Mommy too, 
And by loving each other, you’re loving me too. 

We won’t play baseball or take a long hike, 
Sing songs, play guitar, or go “bump” on a bike. 

You won’t tuck me in on a cold winter’s night. 
Look up to the heavens and I’ll be in your sight. 

I’ve caused you no grief with a scream or a tear, 
I’m in a safe place, Daddy, and I haven’t a fear. 

Let’s always remember our brief time together, 
Perhaps later on we’ll be together... for forever. 

Till then, kiss Mommy for me each night on her cheek, 
Hold tight to each other as you drift off to sleep. 

I’m your precious little baby, oh I was from the start, 
I love you, dear Daddy, with all of my heart. 

Happy Father’s Day from your little Angel, with love