(c) By Dale Miller 
As I fly my kite
I think of you
It’s one of the things
Together we would do

In that mindless moment
I wonder why
As I watch that kite
Dance in the sky

Why can’t you be
Here with me
The reason for this
I just can’t see

Or why can’t I go
To where you are
It really doesn’t matter
If it’s near of far

It would seem to me
To be hard to see
That kite in the sky
With tears in my eyes

If I fly that kite
As high as it will go
Could you write a note
On it to let me know

If I kissed that kite
And set it to flight
Would it reach you on your cloud?
Or would that not be allowed?

If I could climb
Up that kite’s string
And stay there with you
It would make my heart sing

But when I bring that kite down
And it’s lying on the ground
There’s no lipstick or letter
Perhaps it’s for the better

So I wrote on it “I love you”
And tried to fly it up to you
But I do know that message
Is something you already knew.