Image of the Angels
By Terralynn Verge 
In Loving Memory Of Kristopher Owen Randolph, 11-25-06, and all Our Little Angels lost too soon 
You were made in the image of the angels,
and all that was good up above.
A precious little star in the dark night,
Made with God's care, and with his love.

The day you were born he couldnt lose you,
For you were far to beautiful for earth.
He made a home by his side up in heaven,
You were taken by the hand before birth.

You said, "I must not go and leave my Mommy!"

God said , "There is something that I must let you see.
Can You See that light shining down upon your mother?
She now has a part of you for all eternity.
She will soon be in heaven here with you,
Come now lets go prepare her home.
For when the time comes for her to see you again,
She will realize that she was never left alone."