My Angel
Tom Oneill © 2015 
For my Baby Girl 
I'm sorry I'll never meet you,
I can't honestly tell you why,
The Angels came to take you,
Gave you wings so you could fly,

So go straight up to heaven,
And I'll wish you safe flight,
Rest in eternal peace princess,
Sleep well, sleep sound, sleep tight,

There's so much that I'm sorry for,
Please take with you this list,
I've written it with love so pure,
And sealed it with a kiss,

I'll never hear you laugh,
Or be there to ease your pain,
I'll never get to hold you,
But I'll love you just the same,

I'll never see you smile,
Or wipe tears from your face,
But nobody could love you more,
Or ever take your place,

I won't get to make you happy,
Or hug you when your sad,
But I'll keep you in my heart dear girl,
Love you always, forever, your Dad.
In June of 2015 my wife gave me a gift on Father's Day,it was a positive pregnancy test wrapped in blue and pink ribbon. We were so excited to be having a baby together. There were some complications and my wife went for a scan without me. I won't ever forget the way she screamed down the phone for me to come to the hospital. We had lost our little girl at 17 weeks, what they called a "late miscarriage".

We are so very lucky to now have our rainbow baby. A truly wonderful 7 year old boy who is the light of our lives. But my wife just told me that she feels her soul leave her at night to go searching for our baby girl and there's something so hauntingly beautiful about that. Anyway, I wrote this poem the day after we lost her and I wanted to share it with you. It's called My Angel.