My Sweet Boy …
I remember the day that I first learned of you
I quickly noted of when you'd be due
I was nervous and scared - could this really be?
When years come to pass, what would you think of me
The next nine months were all but a rush
Your brand new life was in my hands to trust

You would look at me with such innocent eyes
Now, only my memories hold the sound of your sighs
Your life here on earth was so short, but sweet
Not an enemy or danger you will ever meet

I pray at night that it was nothing I did
That took your life---they called it SIDS
It is hard to accept and just stand by
The questions I have of HOW and WHY?
For every day that passes, my heart aches
Reluctant I am… a new life I must make

So now that you play in Heaven above
Please remember you mommy's eternal love
Remember my kisses, I'll see you again
I'll love you forever, my sweet boy.