Our Baby Was a Gift
By Jennifer Braun 
Our baby was a gift to us, and a great teacher.
We learned patience and compassion.
We were given a crash course in values ~
Things that once seemed so important
All at once became meaningless.

There was a new depth to our souls, our faith, and our being ~
A learning
A wisdom
An understanding.

We ourselves had touched death ~
Death that came wrapped in a little blanket.
This was death to our humanity.
We have also touched life and hope.
A life we will greet in heaven,
And a hope to meet him there soon.
A faith we once practiced, we now live.

We discovered friends and neighbors
we never knew.
Stories that resonate throughout generations.
People who taught us empathy and comfort.

We learned how to let go and to go on.
All these things were taught to use by
a precious teacher
Who never spoke a work or taught a class
And whose footprints will remain
always in our heart.