Please Say His Name
By Debbie Derosier, June 2000 
Do you really think that I'm okay?
Though my son has gone away?
Do you think because I smile
I have forgotten for a while?

I have to tell you that you are wrong.
He's on my mind all day long.
Though I may not let it show
He's always on my mind you know.

Why do you turn when I speak his name?
Do you not know it causes more pain?
Can you comprehend how I feel?
My son was here...he was real.

I miss my child, but I must hide
The terrible pain I feel inside.
The lump in my throat it hurts so bad
because I can't cry although I'm sad.

I can barely speak his name
For fear that it might cause you pain.
I miss my Josh...I miss him so.
I just thought that you should know.

Even though I laugh and play...
I didn't forget my son today.
Please say his name now and then.
Please...say "Josh" again.