Sweet Angel Alexis
By Stepanie Kull, 1998 
Sweet Angel Alexis
So innocent and gay,
until a disease called meningitis
took your life away.

I will never see you laugh,
I will never see you smile,
until we meet in Heaven,
we'll see your face at last.

My sweet Angel Alexis
in your white christening gown,
you are resting in peace
wearing a beautiful golden crown.

What a unique little halo
you have above your head,
the fluttering feathered wings
pressed softly upon your back.

My sweet Angel Alexis
is what we call you now,
So precious to us you are
even though you're not around.

How we wish we could see you
behind that Pearly gate,
walking along side Jesus
no longer our hearts ache.

My sweet Angel Alexis
I look for you in the sky,
listening for you to sing to me
and tell me you're nearby.

God protects his children
and keeps them safe and warm,
waiting for Mommy and Daddy
when they are old and worn.

We know we'll see you soon someday,
until then I pray.
My sweet Angel Alexis
in our hearts you will stay.

-We love and miss you our sweet Angel Alexis
Love Mommy and Daddy