What Now
By Kristy Turner, June 19, 2006 
Missing you now for six long months...and loving you for all of Eternity! 
What now, Little Angel?
It's been six months.
Your big brother misses you--
You're all he wants.

What now, Little Angel?
We ALL miss you so much.
We miss your smile,
We miss your touch.

What now, Little Angel?
What are we to do?
How can we make sense
Of life without you?

The good news, Little Angel,
Is that God carries us.
He renews us each day
To face what we must.

He gives us the strength
To live each minute,
And shows us that life
Is only real if He's in it.

So for now, Little Angel,
We'll do our best,
And one day we'll join you
In perfect Heavenly rest!

With love from Mommy