Whispers Of Comfort
By Deb Heide, 2004 
In Memory of Preston Crooks 
When the hour is quiet and darkness comes
I’m filled with aching pain, missing my little one.
I search for words, words to pray.
But grief has taken my words away.

How will I endure another day without your sweet embrace?
I miss holding you in my arms and pressing kisses on your face.
I visit your grave and feel I can hardly breathe.
Somehow I feel you need me and it hurts to walk away and leave.

My soul is in turmoil. I lie here awake.
The feelings of despair are hard for me to shake.
Memories and grief steal away my sleep.
I cannot escape the tears or the endless need to weep.

I hear God’s whisper in the night,” Trust me. I love you so.
I hold your baby close to my heart. I’ll never let him go.”
“But God”, I ask, “Where are you? Don’t you hear my prayer!
I don’t think you understand. I don’t think you care!”

Again God whispers in the dark, “Trust me. I’ll see you through.
Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted too.
Life brings incredible sadness but there are also seeds of joy!
Your little one is safe with Me. I watch over your little boy.”

“You can lean on Me when you feel your heart will break.
Let Me carry you through the storm and help you with the ache.
I am close to the broken hearted. I will make you whole.
I will give you rest and I will restore your soul.

Thoughts of heaven fill my head and I imagine seeing you there.
Light and love, laughter and warmth, you’re in the angels care.
Run and play my little one, your memory stays with me.
I’ll blow a kiss toward heaven until your face again I see.