You’re Always In My Heart
By Mandy Zweber, 2004  
In loving memory of Kilian Richard Dohahue, December 22 – 25, 2003 
The day you died my heart went cold,
The day you died I felt so old,

But now I know you’re just fine
I will never forget that you are also mine.

You are here in spirit, though it’s not the same,
As if you were here in person, but God is not to blame.

He took you to Heaven with love in His heart
For us it’s a road of grief,
But you’ll show us where to start.

Although you were here for a short while
I hope I’m on your list for your Heaven speed dial.

You showed me how to love,
And you showed me how to care,
You showed me how to love someone,
Who was oh so very rare.

For the 3 days you were here,
You really made it show,
That you could make a difference and
Make love grow and grow.

Kilian, when I see you again,
I will hug you with all my might.
At the pearly gates of Heaven
It will feel totally just right.

Love, Mandy