The Rose
The rose does compose, reams of dreams
Lofty leaves on thorny stem seams
Its lovely scent, succulent and sweet
Within all of nature, it is very unique.

The beauty of a rose has no equal.
Other than its bouquet, bonded in sequel.
Its fragrance commands embrace of all
For nothing is nature surpasses its call.

A lonely heart knows, looking at a rose.
Its beauty will blend with sweet repose.
Life has never been bleak or bland
With rose petals caressing your hand

The rose represents life as a whole
Times of thorns that bleeds our soul.
Fragrances of love shown at its best.
Succulent nectars of love’s caress

Deep within Mother Nature good soil
Its royal roots do deeply toil.
A song of beauty, they will compose
In making and betaking, another rose

Weeds of life can’t smother the rose
Into the winds, its fragrance flows
The rose is there for all to enjoy
Its gifts of love, we all should employ

From whence it came, we do not know.
In fields of wild, it first did grow.
Too quickly possess it was our passion.
Expanding its beauty was our fashion.

Each beautiful rose that grows
In Mother Nature’s good sod.
Is so unique, within its mystique,
This lovely gift from God!