Those Who Should Have Been
By Wendy Foster 
In memory of Colin Foster who was stillborn on November 23, 1994. 
There are those who are, and those who were,
and those who should have been.
There are dreams which live and dreams which die
and dreams that never end.
What can one say when the hope you feel has all
been torn away?
Yes, there are those who came and those who went and
those who could not stay.

We all have love to give, and never know how much our
hearts can hold,
When life suddenly turns against our will,
and we see the world as cold.
Our hearts are torn wide open,
and the pain we feel is real.
Because the one who stayed are everywhere
and those who should have…we can feel.

The road ahead is filled with times
when we will feel and can’t go on.
Some will help us, some will hurt us,
and some will suddenly be gone.
But the love in our heats grows deeper then,
for those who should have been.

So enjoy the ones who came…
And bless the ones who went…
The love you give each other every day…
Is for those who could not stay…