Tears of Love
By Jesse & Stacy Pike 
In memory of Makayla Lynn Pike, April 8, 2001 - May 4, 2003 Died of complications of Krabbe Disease 
Listen, listen, over here
I have a little secret for you to hear.
Take a moment and look around,
My mommy and daddy are flooding the ground.
Their tears are real; their tears are true,
for I have broken their heart into two.

I know it’s not fair, I know it’s not right,
that God the Father has chosen me tonight.
For my time was short and all too fast,
I guess it simply was not meant to last.

So, I’m very sorry that I could not stay
to carry out your hopes, and dreams of today.
For your love for me was so very strong
It is what kept me going each daylong.

But no matter when, no matter where
I will be available, just look up here
For my spirit is strong, my spirit is wide
Amongst all the clouds up in the sky.

So mommy and daddy please don’t cry,
for I took your advice to fly higher than the sky.
Just look at me now I am very much at peace
As an Angel I have no more pain to release.