I sit here in the darkness,
I feel so all alone.
I suffer in my sadness,
My house feels not a home.

The darkness is surrounding me,
On both the inside and the out.
All alone in this darkness,
I really want to shout:

"I'm here, all alone;
"I need your help, or a (hug)
"I'm dying on the inside
"The pain of a mother's love."

Some parents take for granted,
The precious gift they have;
Wishing they weren't parents,
'Specially when the kids are bad.

Then there are some parents
In a different crowd;
Who like me have lost a child,
But can't seem to shout aloud:

"I feel so empty and alone,
"No wonderful memories to share
"I'm here and reaching out,
"Please tell me you too care."

It's your future that you lose,
Your past and present too;
Losing a baby changes everything,
That you say and do.

I feel much more compassion now,
Especially for my angel friends.
People from all over Earth,
Who listen as I tell again;

The story of my angel,
Many times over is told;
But they listen and reply to me,
To them it is not old.

They always try to help me,
And stand right by my side.
They always try to comfort me,
In them my feelings I can confide.

Each day is a new journey in grief,
Never knowing what will come.
Some days are happy, some painful,
Some horrible, and then there are some---

Days when darkness surrounds me
And I really must post out
"I lost my baby, I can't help but cry
I simply have to GET IT OUT!!"

I post and wait some time,
And they are always near.
There is no need to be all alone,
There is someone always here.

Although their names may change,
And at times there may be few,
Know there is always someone out there,
Willing to listen and SHARE with you.

Through the good days and the bad,
To my loving angel friends met,
For all the comfort, love, and hugs;
Sent thanks to the internet.