Where Does the Sister Come In?
By Bridgette Huard 
My brother was killed.
He was murdered for no
reason at all.
My pain is so sharp, so close.
But they think I
shouldn’t be suffering
as much…
As much as his wife,
who grieves for her love
and her future.
As much as his son,
who will never know his daddy.
As much as his parents,
who have lost their only
son, their first born, their child.

I have lost my closest friend;
the man I admired most in my world;
the person I spent most of my free time with –only for the company;
the person I played Yahtzee with until 2:00am, knowing I’d beat him soon;
the boy I grew up with and followed around constantly;
the love that only a brother and sister can know;
the respect he had for me;
the talks and the personal jokes.

I have lost my brother.
It hurts just as much.
TCF National Sibling Newsletter