At First
By Amanda L. Peters 
At first, I was sorry,
Because I didn’t feel like a good mommy.
How could I have let any harm come to you.
But now I know that it was no one’s fault,
that’s not what life is all about.

At first I was lonely,
Because I missed you so,
and I’d never see you grow.
But now I know you’ll always be with me,
and heaven is a fine place to grow – you’ll see.

At first I was mad,
I wanted to love you so bad.
But now I know you’re with the only One,
who could love you more than I do, Hun.

At first I was disappointed,
we had so many plans for you,
but I guess God did too,
and His plans we know,
are better that any we could show.

At first I was sad,
but now I know that I was only sad for me,
because you’re in a place where nothing can harm
You’re in God’s everlasting arms.
It’s a place I hope to be some day,
and then we will finally get a chance to play.