To My Wife
I’m sorry I don’t see things clearly
the way I sometimes do
to feel your pain is difficult
but I know it’s real and true.

I look inside your heart
and see tremendous pain
I’d love to reach in and heal you
but it’s not some kind of game.

The pain you feel is real and just
I don’t see you as a fool
time will see you through this
just let me be your tool.

As we live through this horror show
here in our house of joy
it’s hard to keep our feelings straight
for our baby, our little boy.

I wish I could just end this
wipe it from the slate
If I did I’d clean everything
memories, love and hate.

But I’d rather take the good and bad
to have a balanced whole
never to forget our child
and leave a gaping hole.

Take heart, my love, we’ll get through this,
never leave our unborn son,
with memories of love and joy
of years that were to come.