Grandma Jackie’s Love
By Kathy Hanek 
If at age four you asked me whose great?
I’d say Santa and not hesitate.

As I grew older and hit about ten,
I’d have to think harder before I answered again.

And as I grew from a child to an adult,
My new found answer came to a halt.

No more pondering or searching inside,
The greatest person I know has recently died.

And if I was asked by a person on the street,
Exactly what made Jackie so especially neat?

My answer would be simple and sweet,
Jackie’s the kindest person you’ll ever meet.

I’ve known no other with so open a heart,
And she’s left in us all an ample part.

Grandma was one who had love to share,
And never thought twice about showing she cared.

She always embraced us with arms open wide,
And when it came to her family, she stood by our side.

With all of her suffering and all of her pain,
Not very often did we hear her complain.

She was always worried if we were doing okay,
She filled us with love each and every day.

“I love you darling,” I still hear her say,
“You keep your head high, come what may.”

In Jackie we’ve all found a true friend,
As she cared and worried right till the end.

So to you dear Grandma, I want to send,
A special wish to a very dear friend.

I send you a smile for just being there,
By my side and showing you care.