The Angel on Your Shoulder
By Jackie Huston 
There’s an angel on your shoulder
Through you may not know she’s there
She watches over you day and night
And keeps you in her care.

There’s an angel on your shoulder
Watching you learn and grow
Keeping you safe from danger
And nurturing your soul.

She’ll be there through your triumphs
She’ll dance on clouds with pride,
She’ll hold your hand through life’s
Disappointments and fears,
Standing faithfully by your side.

In her lifetime this angel was strong and true,
And stood up for what was right.
In your life you’ll be faced with
Decisions and trials
And she’ll shine down her guiding light.

Life holds so much in store for you,
So remember as you grow older,
There are no heights you cannot reach
And no hardships you cannot rise above
‘cause there’s an angel on your shoulder.
On July 26, 1988, Darci Riese died at age sixteen, after a year-long battle with cancer. On July 22, 1991, her sister, Bobbi, gave birth to a son; Zachary. Darci’s dear friend Jackie wrote this special poem for Zachary’s third birthday.