Dears – Emily and Melinda
By Grandmother Ellen 
Again to your peaceful place I’ve come,
as I am wont to do…
To set the flowers in their vase
and think of the two of you.

The hushed murmur of wind and tree
and the glow of the setting sun
make sweet our place of rendezvous
as another day is done.
We miss you today and everyday,
our precious little dears,
but knowing your peace in God’s sure care
helps allay our fears.

But today is different from all the rest,
it’s not like just another,
for within another day or so
you and Karen will have a *sister or a brother.
As Karen came to continue the bridge
of love begun by you two,
so this new little one to be born
will your love renew.

The love and peace you gave to us
is alive in our hearts each day
as you’re teaching your folks and all of us
to love in a more precious way.

We love you, Dear Little Ones
Your Grandmother Ellen
*Kim Elizabeth was born two days later. Summer 1995.