Guardian Angel
As child, there was no doubt in
my mind that an Angel watched over me. I felt her presence continually
and knew to listen for her guidance.
I have long since grown, and throughout my life I have continued to know
she is with me always. Her presence is a source of great comfort to me.
Many times, over the years, I have felt her sadness when I ignored her
guidance in making some of my life choices.
Additionally, many, many times, over the years, I experienced her
intervention when willfulness or carelessness place me in harms way.
Though, in living, each of us must accept our full measure of loses and
sorrows, injuries and pain, ultimately, your gift of life is yours to do
with as you choose.
My prayer for each of you has always been and will always be – as you
experience your blessing of life, I pray for you to give your Angel
charge and allow your heart to see the miracles surrounding you!