For Children’s Memorial Day
We light these candles in the winternight
reminding our world of grief and loss.
We are a part of love, in tender league
with grievers everywhere a part of us.

A slow and shiny dance of candlelight
now makes its way from hand to loving hand
for children who were once by our side
but have their home now in another land.

The chain of candles sends its gentle glow
around the planet as the hours pass
and every candle carries joyful tears,
a song of light to celebrate what was.

The children are with us, a friendly band,
they know the meaning of these candles best
they hear the love, they see the message move
around the world, alive from east to west.

Let our candlelight remind the world
that all the children who have left this life
and all the children who are with us now
are kindred spirits when they first arrive.

And as the candlelight sends forth its glow
’cross artificial borders man invents,
let our children say again, “we know.”