Time for Kindergarten
By Michell Chiffens 
Almost five years have passed.
Time for kindergarten and friends,
school projects and class trips,
pretty dresses and bows for your hair.

Paint all over and pictures.
Coming home to tell me teacher said to brush your teeth
three times a day.

Getting invited to a birthday party and shopping for the
perfect gift.
Getting to know a whole other world besides homes.

All these things and more are lost,
gone before your first breath.

Flowers crushed in pockets and stuffed animals,
balloons, cards, poems and pictures,
Easter eggs with your name,
coffee mugs and magnets, a picture frame.

All these things we have for you but not by you,
stuffed in a box inside my closet.
Oh yes, and memories stuffed in my heart.

I miss you, Lorraine.