By Janie Lee 
In memory of Travis McJames Lee stillborn February 13, 1990. 
As the others go off to
preschool this year I will think of
you. Almost old enough to go,
but maybe not. Your birthday
falls late like your brothers.
Some of them might be
ready…not you.

I would want to keep you
home because you would be my
baby. I would feel better once I
realized it wasn’t quite time yet.
I would wait another year. We
would laugh and play and wait
for Michael to come home.

Michael would pay attention
to you for a while then he’d go
out with his friends. We’d play
and make dinner, then Michael
would come home again.

This is what I wished would
happen, but it won’t…because
you’re not here any more. I do
not have to send you off to
school. Maybe the God that took
you off to heaven will send you to
school some day. Or maybe
Angels don’t have to know
anything because they are perfect
just the way they are.