My Angels
By LaDawna Lawton 
I saw two angels flutter by last night, while in bed,
I do not know if I really saw or dreamed them in my head.

They were my babies smiling with glowing white angel wings,
They looked safe and happy ~ oh, what peace this brings.

They reached their hands out to me as they danced in the night,
They giggled, smiled, and waved while their wings fluttered in flight.

I do not know if I really saw with earthly eyes and more,
Or if in a state of sleep I passed through that door.

But I hope they will come to me and visit once again,
Until then, my little angels all my love I send.

In loving memory of my children:
Branden Louis Lawton & Kevin Lynzi Lawton
Who will live in our hearts forever.
January 7, 1995