Three Angels
Three angels touched my life today.
”Three? Why three?”, you say.
Yes, three I thought three angels dear,
they touched me all today.

I thought of that first angel dear
who blessed me with his touch,
a bent old man, could hardly walk
he couldn’t weigh too much.
His coat was torn and soiled.
His shoes had seen a better day.
He shuffled up the street in pain
his eyes a distant gray
the corner came and as he tried
to cross the boulevard
the cars zoomed by not giving ground
nor letting up a yard…
I saw his plight and grabbed his arm
flailing traffic to a halt. I guided him
and helped him safely cross.
He turned to me and spoke to me,
”Bless you my kind son.
Without you there I don’t know what
I would have ever done.”

I walked away with joy in heart
remembering that twinkle in his eye
I thought that as the barde has said,
”Not now, but there go I.”

Another angel touched my life
this time a little child.
She grabbed my index finger
and in a voice so mild
she asked if I would hold her hand
she feared the darkened room.
I took her hand and sang to her
a silly little tune
that once my mother sang to me
when in the night I tripped.
She went her way and to play
and smiled as off she skipped.

Was I that angel?
Not at all, but someone might suspect
for ‘twas through them that I was touched
my life in retrospect.
The cross that is the one I bear
was gone. It was not there.
The weight of all my grief and pain
had vanished in mid air.

Remember this, not all the time
the angel that you see
came not in power and rushing wings
from heavenly realms that be.
But yet is sent from God above
to fill your heart with love.
To guide His children back to Him
for all eternity.

The third? Where did it touch?
You say I mention only two.
Ahh, there you are. The other one.
Sweet angel it is you.