My Box
Once again, I open the closet
door and there you are staring
at me, piercing my heart.
The contents of you are so precious.
I take you to our special place.
Slowly I caress your lid so gently until finally I can
open you.
A surge of you numbs my body.
For a few moments I am motionless as your nine
months pass by in just a few short seconds.
I take care to read every card, as if I were reading
them for the first time.
I could recite each by now, but I don’t.
They’re all I have of you.

As I make my way to the bottom, careful to keep
everything in its proper place.
I see you, beautiful pictures of you, all covered in white.
So pure, so peaceful.
As I hold you to my heart, we rock together as I
dreamed we would.
I feel your soul so connected with mine.
I cry. No, I sob.
The ache in my arms to hold you…
I pull myself away as I know I must do.
I pause to hold your footprints.
And place your bracelet with your name so proudly
engraved in my arms.

After our final moment together, I put you back in your
special place.

Knowing that I really never put you away because you
are part of my heart.
As my final prayer to God, please take care of my
precious one.
As I await the day that you and I are one.