By James A. Kisnerer 
Standing by my baby's grave, here on Christmas Eve,
While other families are rejoicing, I can only grieve.

Tomorrow, it will be 5 years, since he's gone away,
My 3 day old son passed away on Christmas Day.

So while the world rejoices for a Christ Child that was born,
Happiness eludes me for it is my time to mourn.

I think of other mothers with their babies at their breast,
But empty are my arms tonight my baby's laid to rest.

I know there must be other mothers, who have felt this pain,
And wonder how they kept from going totally insane.

I thought about the Virgin's child so many years gone by,
The first time that She held Him, She knew He was born to die.

She was a special lady so the Christmas story reads,
But She had angels sent from God that helped to soothe her needs.

I stand alone beside his grave in the Christmas snow,
This pain I suffer by myself no one will ever know.

The hour's growing late now soon it will be Christmas Day,
I turn to go and quietly I hear a soft voice say.

"You're not alone the Angels know your pain and why you grieve,
But be content he's safely in our arms this Christmas Eve."
Adapted by Jessie Donahue