Dear Angel
By Bill Sherry 
In memory of Angela Rose Sherry 
I saw you once, it wasn’t long; I won’t forget that day.
Your perfect, precious little self; hello, goodbye, same day.
A tiny little angel; perfect, chaste and pure.
Although only a moment; that memory will endure.
Our time together was very short; we really didn’t meet.
All my life I’ll dream about the patter of your feet.

I wish you hadn’t left us; I wish you could have stayed.
We would have lived and laughed and loved
as you grew and learned and played.
Since I can wish for anything, I wish that you were here.
I wish that I could hold you close and whisper in your ear.

Together as a family, there would be much to do.
Your mom and I and brother Tim, we always will miss you.
This is no joy like children bring; so wonderful, so precious.
Such sorrow now in losing you, it leaves me nearly breathless.

If sorrow serves a purpose, I wonder what it is.
It seems like empty, useless pain. I hope its more than this.
You’ve changed our lives in unknown ways;
more changes will surely come.
But we’ll never change the splendor of your memory in our home.

I look forward to the times in life when we are all alone.
You’ll be there with me in my thoughts, my precious little one.
I wish I could have held you; instead we have to part.
I’ll honor you and cherish you and hold you in my heart.

I will love you and remember you, your precious little self.
I’ll dream of you forever. Goodbye, take care, stay well.