There is an Empty Room
By Stephanie Garcia  
There is an empty room
in which no child sleeps
just a rocking chair, a teddy bear,
the baby clothes we keep.

It is a quiet room
with everything in place;
but no happy sighs or lullabies,
no child in our embrace.

There is an empty crib
in the corner tucked away;
the gentle light of the moon shines bright
as we kneel by the crib to pray.

These are our empty arms,
we hold them out to You.
Help us to stay close to Your way
as this valley we walk through.

Remove all bitter thoughts,
Your will is what we seek.
Dry our tears and calm our fears,
lift us up, for we are weak.

There is an empty room
in which no child sleeps,
but we know the love of a Father above,
and His promises He keeps.