Mommy Love You
When I found out you were
growing inside of me,
I was so happy, I couldn’t think
of anything to say, but
Mommy loves you.

When you were moving and kicking and punching
and I could feel you,
I would lay my hand on my tummy and say
Mommy loves you.

When you were born, you were all wet
and slippery and squinty eyed.
Only a mother could say
Mommy loves you.

When you had to be under the lights
and I couldn’t hold you,
I would hold your hand
and tell you
Mommy loves you.

When I was taking care of you
and your sister at home,
I was so happy and joyful
and exhausted.
I was too tired to think of anything to say
but to whisper
Mommy loves you.

When we were driving to the hospital
and when the doctor said
it didn’t look good,
I wanted to pray, but could only cry
Mommy loves you.

When I had to say good-bye to you
when they closed the casket
and buried you in the ground,
I didn’t want you to be alone,
no other words would come, but
Mommy loves you.

Now, when I think of you
and wonder where you are,
and if you remember me
I hope you will always know that
Mommy loves you.