I Won’t
In memory of Emmalyn 
Thanksgiving Day, how ironic.
A time when everyone reflects on their own life
and what they have to be thankful for,
but I won’t.

The holiday season approaches, excitement is in the air.
Every person I see is cheerful and laughing.
“Merry Christmas,” I say, as I force a smile.
I’ll act like I mean it,
but I won’t.

Finally, the longest winter I have ever known is over.
The tiny buds of springtime are now in full bloom.
I should be filled with new life, too,
but I won’t.

My due date is almost here.
That day will pass, but my baby will never come.
I’ll try to be strong,
but I won’t.

Time will fade our memories.
Some will even forget the precious daughter that I lost,
the impact she had on my life and how my heart broke to say good-bye.
But I won’t.